Protect Your Business: The Ultimate Guide To Strengthening Your MSP’s Cyber Security Stack

When I was running my MSP, I lost sleep wondering if my business was going to be the next in the crosshairs of a cyberattack. Even though I invested in what I considered very good (and expensive) security solutions, I couldn’t tell if everything was working the way it should.

Having worked with MSPs across the world, I am convinced that anyone can effectively improve their security and grow their business if they are using the right tools and understand how to use them.

How can you protect and grow your business?

When I implemented my first cyber stack, my team had no idea how to effectively test our tools. Our auditing process was time-consuming and hard to get right. On top of all that, we couldn’t convince clients and prospects why their network security was important. Ever have someone tell you, we haven’t been hacked in the 12 years we’ve been in business, why should we change anything?

After recovering countless organizations from network-wide ransomware attacks (AND trying to convince C-level decisionmakers that they needed preventative security beforehand), it hit me that we needed a better way to assess, communicate and evaluate the efficacy of our cyber stacks. Security is a mindset. Until you’re able to get your team, clients and prospects to really get why it’s important, you will continue to spin your wheels.

In this guide, we cover:


The #1 hurdle in MSP security that’s making you vulnerable to hackers.


3 ways to improve your broken security and auditing process.


A comprehensive strategy to increase client trust, keep competitors out of your networks and increase sales.


A checklist to help you make sure your company’s cyber stack is keeping your network and that of your clients’ secure.

BONUS: A Super Simple Way to see if your network’s security can withstand modern attacks.

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Galactic Advisors really brings the heat!

Galactic Advisors recently performed a security scan on our network and WOW, were they ever thorough.

They delved deep into our entire operation and pointed out some possible issues we did not even know could be exploited.

Bruce McCully, the Chief Security Officer, was extremely personable, yet professional, in not only pointing out these things, but also in advising an exact path to a quick and cost-effective remediation. Helping organizations by providing an opportunity to get ahead of security issues, before it is too late, is their stated goal.

I would not hesitate to refer and recommend Bruce and Galactic Advisors to any MSP or business owner looking for a comprehensive answer to the #1 question you must always be asking… “Am I vulnerable?” You may be surprised how often the answer is “Yes” and how quickly it can become “No!” It is my pleasure to write this and I stand behind it.

tom-cole Tom Cole VP and General Manager
Networking Delaware

Bruce's Product Saved Our Hospital

Bruce and his group recovered our hospital from a devastating ransomware attack impacting our 400 computers. No other company could have helped us like this. They  have worked around the clock to recover our data and to get us back in business. Bruce is a true security partner.

Sydney-Sawyer Sydney Sawyer CEO
Lackey Memorial Hospital