The simplest way to audit cybersecurity configuration,
tools and response.


No passwords, admin access or special training required.

Is This You?

I’m a single-person MSP looking to grow

I am the tech guru. I might have a marketing person, but I am the only person doing tech work. If I don’t show up, clients are pissed.

I’m the owner/operator of an MSP

I have a few engineers, but I still do all the tech heavy lifting. I feel overwhelmed constantly switching from tech to tech.

I’m the CEO of an MSP

I have many engineers that do over 80% of the tech work. I focus on sales, growth and culture. I understand how to delegate.

I run service desk operations

I am the integrator at an MSP, or I run the help/support desk, or project team. My boss is the CEO or owner of the MSP, and I need to figure out how to protect our data.

Ransomware increased 326% over the past 3 years: Will you be next?

It’s obvious the old way isn’t working.

Before you go to sleep at night, are you completely certain your network and the networks you support are secure? If the phone rings in the middle of the night, will it be one of your engineers reporting that your data center is offline?

Or maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of hiring competent security specialists, or want confirmation that your solutions are properly configured and protecting your business.

Now imagine if security had an advocate; a loud voice within your organization, loud enough to overshadow the constant barrage of emergency tickets. Galactic Scan is that voice. We provide you with scripts, operational improvements and third-party validation that your tools are actually performing the way you expect.

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Why get a free cybersecurity consultation with us?

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on MSPs because they are easy targets.

Our free consultation can help determine:

  • Whether you’re doing the right things to protect your RMM and your network
  • How to improve your cybersecurity product offering
  • Quick advice on how to secure client data
  • Identifying what shortcuts your engineers are taking that are leaving you vulnerable
  • Answers to your most pressing cybersecurity questions

Our Services

Galactic Coaching Calls

Get focus, accountability and guidance to build out your security program and improve your security stack.

SecOps (Security Operations)

Weekly sessions providing information and experience your MSP team can’t get by just working the help desk.

Third-Party Analysis

Identify your blind spots and increase client trust.

Vulnerability Analysis

We use the same types of tools hackers are using today to find your vulnerabilities and open doors.

Penetration Testing

Automated tactics to find and identify how to exploit your vulnerabilities, saving your time and money.

Why Galactic?

Easy-to-understand reporting

that doesn’t require a computer engineering degree to interpret

Active third-party audits

analysis, SecOps and penetration testing to check your work and validate your security controls

Robust frameworks

solve common MSP security issues and unnecessary security risks so you can focus on servicing your clients

Access to scripts, processes and tools

to help you quickly address security issues so you aren’t left to figure them out yourself

Vendor-agnostic reporting

Addresses security issues with the team you have and the resources you already own and use

Coaching programs

help provide focus, accountability and guidance to build out your security program and improve your security stack