Are you making it easy for hackers to get in?

It can be tough to know where to start evaluating your security.

You could figure out the IP addresses of all your remote devices. Then you could look up all of their servers DNS records. Next, you’d probably want to evaluate their corporate routers IP addresses, and on and on.

OR you could simply use Galactic’s Vulnerability Analysis, which automatically hunts for IP addresses for you.

All you need to do is give us the email address you want to analyze, and we do the rest. We pull the domain from the email, brute force their DNS and get all their records. Next, we look at all the computers external IP addresses that click our links. Then we use the same types of tools hackers are using to hunt vulnerabilities and open doors.

The results of this analysis will highlight your vulnerabilities, allowing you to create an effective, actionable plan.

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Galactic Helps You Find and Address Vulnerabilities to Keep Your Clients Secure

I highly recommend you reach out to Galactic as they will find things that will help make home base safe so that you know your clients are safe as well. They provide penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in your own environment you thought were secure or didn’t even know needed to be locked down. Do not hesitate on this!

Scott Soscia CIO
Lotus Management Services