Is This You?

If you run or manage an MSP, I know you worry about waking up one morning to discover that a hacker gained access to all of your tools, passwords and clients, and is demanding a HUGE ransom to restore your clients’ data.

Imagine. Your clients are devastated and ANGRY. Even IF you can restore all the data, this happened on YOUR watch. YOU were supposed to keep them safe. YOU were the one they trusted to keep them protected and you FAILED.

Such an event can DESTROY your business overnight, with clients firing you and writing nasty reviews about you (best case) or hiring an aggressive lawyer with a BIG chip on their shoulder to sue you for everything you’ve got. If your competitors catch wind of this (and they will), they’ll use it against you, destroying your reputation and making it impossible to get new clients. So, what should you do NOW to prevent this?

It all depends on YOU: What best describes your situation?

I’m a single-person MSP looking to grow

I am the tech guru. I might have a marketing person, but I am the only person doing tech work. If I don’t show up, clients are pissed.

I’m an owner/operator of an MSP

I have a few engineers, but I still do all the tech heavy lifting. I feel overwhelmed constantly switching from tech to tech.

I’m the CEO of an MSP

I have many engineers that do over 80% of the tech work. I focus on sales, growth and culture. I understand how to delegate.

I run Operations or Service Desk

I am the integrator at an MSP, or I run a support desk, help desk or project team. My boss is the CEO or owner of the MSP, and I need to figure out how to protect our data.

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Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on MSPs because they are “low hanging fruit.” Don’t become the next victim!
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