Why do they say a picture is worth a thousand words?

Because showing someone is much more effective than telling them.

The same goes for network security. Showing someone exactly how an attacker will get in and what they will gain access to is much more effective than explaining that a network is vulnerable.

We approach penetration testing a little differently. Today, hackers are automating their processes to get in to more systems much more quickly, so we’ve collected the skills, knowledge and hacks of experienced pen testers and converted them into a patent-pending, automated system that can be deployed in seconds rather than days. After we find vulnerabilities, we use attack vectors to exploit them, identifying your weak spots. This provides you with more information than you’d be able to get by hand, saving you time and money.

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Other Tools Came Up Empty Handed When I Scanned My Network

I’ve used other tools to scan for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and they came up empty handed. This assessment engine found multiple issues. One of the findings was worth the entire engagement.

Getting the detailed output was useful, but the security discussion with Bruce that followed was the real benefit. 

Assessments are frequently offered as a means to sell tools.  These assessment firms are not objective when the goal is to sell antivirus, SIEMs, Firewalls and support contracts.  When seeking a security partner, engage two firms.  The first firm is your IT Department or IT Partner.  The second firm is responsible for your assessments.  Leverage the assessment firm to create and or validate the IT group’s security plan.  Just like a proper accounting department, auditing used properly elevates your business outcome.

mat-zoglio Mat Zoglio CEO
Zog, Inc.