How do our partners describe the Galactic program?

  • “A methodology that works”
  • “Complete process improvement”
  • “A framework centering our team around cybersecurity”
  • “Network assessments simplified”
  • “A better way of running our business.”

Getting security right while growing your business and keep increasing your bottom line is not easy. While many of our partners are now running quite secure, profitable, and smooth-running MSPs right, many were previously on the hard road, until they utilized the Galactic program to achieve a more successful, secure business.

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The Galactic Mission

We are on a mission to help protect a MILLION people.

That means we are looking for partners who are committed to protecting their clients and helping the MSP community become a safer place. What type of person will you be working with at Galactic? One who will:

Take Extreme Ownership

Our team owns their issues, successes and challenges. We have grit. We look for ways to say, yes – we can do that.

Do It Better

We constantly look for ways to make life easier (and fun), often through process improvement, and automation.

Make It Fun

If it isn’t fun it isn’t worth doing. Even the hard stuff is fun to do, if you have the right mindset and the right people around you. Doing It Better and Making It Fun go hand-in-hand.

Do The Right Thing

This shouldn’t need explanation, but our team does the right thing. It is much harder than sitting back or cutting corners, that is why they call it the right thing…not the easy thing.

Galactic’s goal is to help organizations and their owners, employees and communities’ livelihoods by ensuring effective data security is in place. Every person working within Galactic Advisors shares this vision.