You might be thinking, “I don’t need a third-party analysis, I have everything covered.”

That mindset is your biggest risk.

Third-party analysis helps you:

Identify your blind spots

Cybersecurity is changing FAST: what worked yesterday no longer works today, and no one should be expected to proofread their own work. If you are depending on your team to audit their own work, they are likely auditing against a standard that they developed or possibly an outdated framework that was created a couple years ago. A third-party assessment removes your dependency on your team’s own knowledge and keeps you up-to-speed in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Increase client trust

Your clients view what you do as the dark arts; they just hope and pray you are doing the right things to protect them. How do you assure them that you are doing those things? That you aren’t just selling them snake oil? That’s where a third-party analysis comes in. A third party doesn’t have a horse in the race, and can reliably assess and validate your work.

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Galactic Advisors really brings the heat!

Galactic Advisors recently performed a security scan on our network and WOW, were they ever thorough.

They delved deep into our entire operation and pointed out some possible issues we did not even know could be exploited.

Bruce McCully, the Chief Security Officer, was extremely personable, yet professional, in not only pointing out these things, but also in advising an exact path to a quick and cost-effective remediation. Helping organizations by providing an opportunity to get ahead of security issues, before it is too late, is their stated goal.

I would not hesitate to refer and recommend Bruce and Galactic Advisors to any MSP or business owner looking for a comprehensive answer to the #1 question you must always be asking… “Am I vulnerable?” You may be surprised how often the answer is “Yes” and how quickly it can become “No!” It is my pleasure to write this and I stand behind it.

tom-cole Tom Cole VP and General Manager
Networking Delaware