We make sure your teams aren’t falling victim to network breaches or cyberattacks as a result of common technician-based errors, half-baked solutions or mistakes.

Why MSPs are Choosing Galactic For Their Networks And Their Clients:

  • Track Cybersecurity Improvements: Stop wasting time following up with multiple team leads or update meetings just to pry out key metrics. Galactic gives you the ability to see how your team is making progress toward your security initiatives easily with one easy-to-understand report.
  • Give Updates To Clients’ Leadership Teams: Do you ever put off creating summaries and reports for your board members? Do you struggle to translate technical language into something a non-technical professional will understand? Galactic can create way to understand, custom communications and summaries for you.
  • Prove to Your Clients How Secure They Are: Unlike most managed services companies, ones that use Galactic Scan have proof that they are taking security seriously for their clients.
  • Get Clients To Adopt Your COMPLETE Security Stack: Galactic acts as a trusted third-party assessor for your clients that communicates risks from a different perspective, showing them exactly what will happen if an attacker gets in.

If you are the CEO of an MSP and you are concentrated on growing your business, doing $1M in top line revenue or straddling the valley of death (between $2M and $5M), we have a proven solution to help you reduce your risk, increase your teams effectiveness, and grow your MSP. Sign up for our FREE cybersecurity consultation today to see how our program can help your business.

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Common Questions MSPs Often Ask Us:

Shouldn’t my team already be doing this?

Say your client calls in and asks your technician to set up a new user with the password of “Welcome1!” The technician doesn’t follow the check list, because the help desk is working with 300 tickets that day. Imagine they just create the account the way the client asked them to, and skip the step prompting the password to reset.​ Will that password ever get changed? ​Galactic can help you update your internal processes to avoid creating vulnerabilities.

What if your antivirus isn’t configured just right?

Imagine your technician upgraded the antivirus software on all of your computers. The upgrade removed the current version and installed the new software. The first step executed successfully on all of the computers, but the second step only worked on about 80% of them. The project was considered complete, yet many computers are unknowingly left without any advanced antivirus tools. ​Are you positive this isn’t happening under your watch?

We already train our users on security​, why do I need Galactic?

If you walked into your office tomorrow to find out that a hacker was holding all of your clients’ M365 data for ransom, and that YOUR global admin account was the one that was being used to get to the data in the first place, what would you do? Do you know how to secure your M365 account? Are you absolutely sure it’s locked properly? While 100% of the companies we assess say they have a training program, a full 83% of their employees are making simple mistakes that allow hackers access to their M365 data.

Why can’t we just resell Galactic Scan?​

When you have a client that is running a NAT firewall, they don’t want to spend more money on a managed firewall with IPS and IDS licenses. If you try to explain that they need it, what do you think they hear? “Buy more stuff.”

Now imagine Galactic moves a malicious payload through their NAT firewall, showing them exactly what data would be exfiltrated.​ They SEE why they need better defenses, eliminating a blind spot.

Just selling you another tool will not help you get more secure, seeing your vulnerabilities will.

We already do a Nessus scan​, why do we need Galactic too?

Nessus requires a Nessus-trained individual focused on day-to-day cybersecurity. If you aren't actively investing in that person and his or her training, you are investing in a tool that no one will be able to use and implement. ​

Nessus fills SOME of the holes in network security, but not holes via configurations or mistakes created by technicians, and that’s where Galactic steps in.​