Keep your team up to speed with SecOps.

Our team audits hundreds of MSP networks each month.

We’ve been able to identify common mistakes and unnecessary risk, sharing this knowledge back to the Galactic Community through weekly SecOps calls, scripts, checklists, missions, and processes that enable our partners to quickly address these issues rather than building their own solutions from scratch.

These weekly SecOps sessions include security information and experience your MSP team just can’t get working on the help desk or in professional services.

Our partners report that having a weekly conversation around security changes the way their teams approach projects, testing, and problem solving. SecOps are a key component of improving and maintaining MSP security culture.

Could your team benefit from the ongoing education offered in the Galactic Community?

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SecOps Has Been Essential in Training and Keeping Our Team Up To Date

The SecOps training has been essential, keeping our team educated and up to date on the latest cybersecurity methods and threats to be aware of. It’s also been incredible to help us guide conversations with clients to help impart the critical nature of security and how it affects them in their business. Our scheduled meetings to review our internal security, and application of best practices for our clients’, holds us accountable and keeps us on track. Galactic Advisors gave us the most valuable elements we have added to our business in the past couple years.

Jeremiah Beaudry CEO
Bloo Solutions