56-Minute Cyber Stack Strategy Session

Do your security tools actually protect you and your clients from ransomware attacks?

Are you able to easily and effectively lead with security when selling to prospects and clients?

Will a hacker be able to get past your defenses?

We've analyzed over 600 MSP Security Stacks in the past year. We have the data on what works and what doesn’t.

Why try to reinvent the wheel when someone can give you a design that works?

We’re offering you a FREE 56-Minute Cyber Stack Strategy Session

Where You Will Get:

  • The inside track so you don’t make the same mistakes others have made.
  • Up to the minute information on which tools are working in the field (and which are a waste of money).
  • Learn how to sell to prospects and easily get buy-in from decision-makers.
  • Answers to your biggest security questions.
  • Peace of mind that you’re not over-investing in one layer while completely missing something critical in another.
  • A plan to secure your engineers while they are working from home.

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Galactic Advisors really brings the heat!

Galactic Advisors recently performed a security scan on our network and WOW, were they ever thorough.

They delved deep into our entire operation and pointed out some possible issues we did not even know could be exploited.

Bruce McCully, the Chief Security Officer, was extremely personable, yet professional, in not only pointing out these things, but also in advising an exact path to a quick and cost-effective remediation. Helping organizations by providing an opportunity to get ahead of security issues, before it is too late, is their stated goal.

I would not hesitate to refer and recommend Bruce and Galactic Advisors to any MSP or business owner looking for a comprehensive answer to the #1 question you must always be asking… “Am I vulnerable?” You may be surprised how often the answer is “Yes” and how quickly it can become “No!” It is my pleasure to write this and I stand behind it.

tom-cole Tom Cole VP and General Manager
Networking Delaware

More Detailed Than The Rest—All MSPs Should Be Using This Tool

I’m skeptical to try new tools, but once I ran it I was shocked at how much data and detail one computer can give me—with one simple scan. From credit card numbers to passwords it’s a lot deeper than any of the scan tools that we use now as an MSP. Much more detailed that I’ve ever seen than any other product on the market. The reports make it easy for the client to understand their risks and sell them the services they need to address them. All MSPs should be using this tool.

Ikram-Massabini Ikram Massabini CEO
MVP Network Consulting

Other Tools Came Up Empty Handed When I Scanned My Network

I’ve used other tools to scan for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and they came up empty handed. This assessment engine found multiple issues. One of the findings was worth the entire engagement.

Getting the detailed output was useful, but the security discussion with Bruce that followed was the real benefit. 

Assessments are frequently offered as a means to sell tools.  These assessment firms are not objective when the goal is to sell antivirus, SIEMs, Firewalls and support contracts.  When seeking a security partner, engage two firms.  The first firm is your IT Department or IT Partner.  The second firm is responsible for your assessments.  Leverage the assessment firm to create and or validate the IT group’s security plan.  Just like a proper accounting department, auditing used properly elevates your business outcome.

mat-zoglio Mat Zoglio CEO
Zog, Inc.

No one else has explained it the way you did

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my personal security patterns.  Even for someone like me who is very security conscious, I had two big aha moments that no one else has explained it the way you did.  I would love for you to share some of this with my MSP clients who may have the same response as I did.

Joanna Sobran Founder & CEO
MXO Tech