Super Sales Friday:

Growing Your Security Program Without Breaking the Bank 

Friday June 7th at 12 noon ET

Ever hire a super expensive cybersecurity expert to get your security program off the ground and have things go off the rails? You hire them with high hopes, however, shortly after they get started you realize they don’t have the experience you thought they did.  Sigh. But you’re vested, so you push forward.

They’re learning quickly, so you feel good.  For a brief minute you think “Maybe this is going to work out well!”

Then, just as you’re starting to feel like things are really taking off because you’ve trained them and now every day they’re nailing it.....BOOM!  They tell you they’ve found a great opportunity and if you can’t match it, they’re taking this new job.

I’ve seen it all, and I know firsthand that hiring in cybersecurity land is hard.

Retaining in cybersecurity land is even harder.

And scaling in cybersecurity land?  Well, that’s nearly impossible.

If you’re frustrated and feeling like you’ve hit a wall, you’re not alone.  The BAD NEWS is right now you’re losing money and opportunities.

The GOOD NEWS IS....There’s a solution and I can help you.

Here’s a few questions to get you thinking:

  • Are you overstaffing your team without the revenue to support it?
  • Do you live in reactive mode when it comes to hiring, struggling to keep your hiring pipeline full?
  • Are you only hiring tech personnel and missing strategic hires?
  • Is your sales growth hindered by operations trying to catch up?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, it’s time to make a change.

In this session, designed exclusively for MSP owners and CEOs, I'll show you how to scale your security program and boost your MRR without having to hire a slew of expensive technical personnel. You'll learn to:

  • Add MRR by strategically focusing on protocols that create scalable growth
  • Scale your security program and overall MSP with efficient standards-based systems
  • Implement the right standards to fuel growth

Bonus: Discover a smart hiring strategy that helps you save time, money, and resources. Leave with a comprehensive plan to scale your MSP without compromising profitability. 

Join me on June 7th at Noon Eastern!


Would you like to grow and scale your business without hiring?

It’s time to get started.


Reserve Your Spot TODAY (this is a hot topic and we WILL run out of seats)

This webinar has limited capacity, and we are NOT going to be sending out a free recording of this webinar.

But if you do want a recorded copy, please donate $100 to the folks at Angel Flight and send us a copy of your receipt. This is a great cause: Angel Flights are critical for patients who are too ill to travel by commercial airlines. I myself donated my first Angel flight about 3 years ago to a cancer patient who was undergoing experimental cancer treatment here in Nashville.

Bruce McCully
Bruce McCully is the world’s leading authority on how MSPs can successfully generate recurring revenue by leveraging third-party security and cybercompliance assessment services. Bruce grew his own MSP business from zero to $8.5 million before cashing out in January 2020. He then launched Galactic Advisors, a technology and services company that has enabled hundreds of MSPs to replicate his proven formula for success with training, sales support, content resources, and a turnkey assessment service that’s ideal for generating both passive income and upselling opportunities. 

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Galactic Advisors has been the best investment I have made for the security of my company and my clients.

The scans quickly identify weak parts of our network and services, and Bruce does a great job of setting up a plan to remediate. The weekly SECOPS trainings bring great value as well. They aren’t just another Webinar.  hey are a focused security minded curriculum that further separates my MSP from our competitors. Galactic Advisors helps bring our security to the next level!

Paul Havens
IT Haven Pro

After our initial assessment I was concerned about how we would find time to implement the remediation steps. It seemed overwhelming. Bruce was so patient, but firm. Ultimately, we were able to knock out nearly the entire issue list in a day. We have a lot more confidence now in our ability to handle our own security environment. If you own an MSP and want to secure it, I recommend getting started with Galactic Advisors ASAP.

Holly Fullingim
Quick Compute