MSPs come turn to us to make sure their teams are not falling victim to network breaches or cyber attacks as a result of common technician-based errors, easy button solutions and mistakes. We even find some tools out there that don’t do what they advertise. We helps CEOs of MSPs keep track of each and every vulnerability on their network and gives owners peace of mind that their network is secure (unlike the 4-6 MSPs falling victim to an attack each week).

6 Reasons Why MSPs Specifically Are Choosing Galactic Scan For Their Networks And Their Clients:

Track Cybersecurity Improvements In Real Time— Stop wasting time following up with multiple team leads or update meetings just to pry out key metrics. Galactic Scan IT gives you the ability to see how your team is making progress toward your security initiatives easily with one easy to understand report.

Keep An Eye On Vulnerabilities— When was the last time you were able to see a live update of your facility’s security at the click of a button? Most IT Directors remain in the dark at least on parts of their IT team’s security because most teams are too busy supporting users to make time for security reports and updates. Be able to see when vulnerabilities pop up on your network (on average, we notice 8 vulnerabilities popping up each month) and get prioritized instructions for your teams to address them.

Give Updates To Leadership Teams—Do you ever put off summaries and reports for your board members? Is it always easy to translate technical language into something a non-technical professional will understand? Get done-for-you communications and summaries without having to stress about making more time in the day.

Be Assured That Their Teams Are Using Their Time Effectively—Ever wonder if your technicians are actually resolving a security issue effectively? Instead of having them spending hours researching a fix to a security vulnerability or relying on a vendor that most often puts their name at the bottom of a list, get an actionable solution through our weekly security implementation calls.

Get The Details They Need—Hospital IT Directors are finding that most of the time, our constant security updates are much more detailed and address more real world cybersecurity risks than your annual HIPAA risk assessment (you’ll get 166% more value from our reports on average).

Show Their Clients How Secure They Are—Unlike most managed services companies, ones that use Galactic Scan have proof that they are taking security seriously for their clients.

Get Clients To Adopt Your COMPLETE Security Stack—Your clients have a trusted third party assessor that communicates client risks from a different perspective, opening opportunities to additional services and hardware for your MSP.

If you are the CEO of an MSP and you are concentrated on growing your business, this is the product for you. Weather you are doing $1M in top line revenue or you are straddling the valley of Death (between $2M and $5M) we have a proven solution to help you reduce your risk, increase your teams effectiveness, and grow your MSP. Click here to line up a 15 minute FREE cyber consultation.

Common Questions MSPs Often Ask Us:

Shouldn't my team members already be doing this?

Imagine that a client calls in and asks your technician to set up a new user with the password of Welcome1! and did not follow the check list because the help desk is working with 300 tickets that day. The step that was missed? Prompting the password to reset.​

Let's say for a minute that they did it and told you to change it in the following weeks. What if they never changed it? ​

What if your antivirus isn’t configured just right?...

What if your technician upgraded your Antivirus? Imagine if he or she upgraded the software on all of your computers. The upgrade worked by: step 1 removing the current version, and step 2 installing the new software. The first step executed successfully on all of the computers, but the second step only worked on about 80% of them. This just happened at a hospital that is using our services. The project was considered complete, yet over 300 computers were left naked. ​

We already train our users on security​...

Imagine if you walked into your office tomorrow to find out that a hacker was holding all of your cloud data for ransom. You then found out that your account was the one that was being used to get to the data in the first place. Imagine the embarrassment and frustration you would cause your entire company. Do you know how to secure your cloud account? Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU have it locked properly? 100% of the users we assess say they have a training program. 83% of the users we assess are making simple mistakes that give hackers access to their cloud data.

Why can't we just resell Galactic Scan?​

Imagine that you have a client that is running a NAT firewall, they don't want to spend more money on a managed firewall with IPS and IDS licenses. You try to explain that they need to buy it – what do you think they hear? ​

Today people don't sell stuff, people BUY stuff. ​

If you have a credentialed third party that tells them that they need something, what happens? They buy it.​

We already do a Nessus scan​...

Nessus requires a Nessus-trained individual focused on day in and day out cybersecurity. If you aren't investing in that person and his or her training, you are investing in a tool that no one will be able to use and implement. ​

Nessus fills SOME of the holes in network security, but not holes via configurations or mistakes created by technicians.​