Getting Cybersecurity right isn’t tough, it's darn nearly impossible. With 100’s of tools and decisions to make, where do you even start?

With Galactic Launch we give you the inside track to building a truly effective and COMPLETE managed security solution for your clients. Stop wasting your time stubbing your toes on security and start having the confidence that the tools you are buying are actually doing what you expect.

Starting off on the right path will save you months and even years of mistakes and back-tracking.

We help you in three different areas as you grow your business:

  1. Reduce Risk – when you are getting started, one simple mistake could cost you everything. Learn from someone who’s been there. Get feedback, checklists, and solutions from experts who know what it takes to grow an MSP over $8M, because they’ve been there! Not only do we tell you what to do, we test it to make sure your solution is actually working.
  2. Increase Effectiveness– why reinvent the wheel? Don’t waste your time coming up with solutions when there’s already a proven solution out there.
  3. Increase Sales – what should be included in your standard managed service agreements and what should you charge extra for?

If you are running a small MSP or just getting started. You have less than 3 employees and you want to grow. If you are a true entrepreneur, someone who wants to MOVE, click here to line up a FREE cyber consultation.