When you are growing an MSP, you have a lot to worry about. Things like making payroll, learning to delegate, supporting users and finding new clients are always at the top of your list. There’s one more that often gets skipped: SECURITY. You can’t ignore this. You will either grow your MSP through security or it will put you out of business.

With Galactic Growth we help you verify that you have the right security solutions in place. Then we push you to improve your security posture quarter after quarter.

Getting security right (the correct tools with the configurations you need to protect your business) is only the first step.

We help you in three different areas as you grow your business:

  1. Reduce Risk – how much would it be worth to you to know if your tools and your techs are doing what you expect? What would it cost you if one of your clients was hacked on your watch? What if ALL of your clients were hacked, using your tools? Imagine how angry they would be. Our tools verify your network's security on an ongoing basis.
  2. Increase Effectiveness– the old way of paying people and hoping they figure out how to fix networks and computers by searching around on Google isn’t working. Hackers know what forums people look at and how to trick your team into leaving back doors open. We help you engage your team and improve their effectiveness through knowledge and accountability.
  3. Increase Sales – have you ever considered how much easier it would be if you had a third party perform the assessments for your potential clients? Use our proven sales model to increase your sales.

If you are running an MSP, but you are overwhelmed, some days it probably feels like the MSP is running you. If you have less than 6 employees, and you want to grow. If you are a true entrepreneur, someone who wants to not only get over the $1M hurdle, but make it through the valley of death, click here to line up a FREE cyber consultation.