You’ve likely seen a chat window appear on a web page indicating someone is available to help. That available assistant is often an AI the business has adapted to customer engagement with empathetic responses. This instance is a prime example of how machines develop the marketing sphere.
As more brands need more hands to build business relationships, they discover their AI and machine learning for online marketing. You don’t even have to be tech-savvy to use it.

Can a Machine Learn?

A machine with the right algorithm for categorizing data and patterns can make better decisions, which means it can essentially learn. For example, a chess-playing computer has artificial intelligence with a preset algorithm for movement. A chess-playing computer that can learn from game losses uses machine learning.

Developers use guided systems with supplied data sets and solutions and unguided systems with unsorted data. The preliminary information creates a baseline for the AI. The AI can then use the preset system patterns to categorize new information when someone presents it with unguided data.

How You Can Use Machines for Marketing

The marketing sphere has a lot of data, but we often need help categorizing this information. A single brain cannot handle the same volume of information a computer can. Conversely, computers only know as much as the users allow them to based on the information they can access.

AI and machine learning for online marketing can help brands create unique customer experiences for the target audience that improve conversion rates. Brands provide the data sets while AI categorizes and helps create appealing responses to that information.
For example, one form of digital marketing includes email marketing. A person who clicks on a website and browses a section of vitamin supplements may put some in their cart. If they forget to check out, the AI can determine a good time to send a reminder email based on other data.

If that person becomes a member and continues to use the website, the AI can pick up on their viewing habits. This information can include which vitamins they look for the most, which blogs they click on most, and more. Then, in future marketing emails, the AI can include links to items they may be interested in based on acquired data.
Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other major brands use AI for these very same processes to improve customer conversion rates and engagement.

It’s Easier Than It Looks

While AI and machine learning for online marketing may seem complicated, don’t worry too much. Many systems come with pre-programmed availability and can learn from the content of your website alone. So you don’t need to know all the backend coding for it to help your brand.

However, if the process completely mystifies you, ensure you have a person on hand who understands how to implement the AI. A tool you cannot use well becomes a hindrance instead of something that helps. When you can try AI, use it in small places like web page chatbots, then grow from there.

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